Passport Applications

Who can apply for a Hungarian passport?

All Hungarian citizens can apply for a passport. Your photo and your fingerprints are captured on-site when you apply for a passport, therefore you will have to apply in person. 

The average processing time is 5-6 weeks. If you have no proof of citizenship, you must have your citizenship verified before applying for a passport. This procedure takes an average of 8-10 months but could take much longer.


Required documents:
• As proof of Hungarian citizenship:

  •  valid Hungarian ID card, or
  •  Hungarian passport expired within one year,  or
  •  valid certificate of citizenship;

• payment of the fee;
• in case of lack of valid Hungarian passport/ ID card: valid document with a photo (valid foreign passport, ID card, driving licence) or Hungarian birth/marriage certificate showing your current name;
• if you apply with a new surname/first name: Hungarian certificate of marriage or Hungarian certificate of the changed name;
• if you can not prove your Hungarian citizenship: a filled in form for verification of citizenship (the form is available at the Consulate);
• if your previous (valid) passport was stolen: police record or reference number;
• if you have never had a Hungarian passport or ID card you should apply for a certificate of citizenship first (for further information please visit the following link on the website: “Verification of citizenship”).