The Hungarian Film Institute (NFI) would make 20 films available for free screening between 30th April and 10th May on occassion of the Hungarian Film Day. More details here.

The films with English subtitles can be viewed via the vimeo channel of the institute here: ( 

1. Hyppolit, the butler (1931) Székely István, comedy

2. Car of dreams (1934) Gaál Béla, comedy

3. Mickey Magnate (1948), Keleti Márton, comedy

4. Liliomfi (1954) Makk Károly, comedy

5. Sparrows are birds too (1968), Hintsch György, satire

6. The Witness (1969) Bacsó Péter, satire

7. Don't Panic, Please! (1982), Szőnyi G. Sándor, crime

8. Dollybirds (1997) Tímár Péter, comedy

9. Moscow quare (2001) Török Ferenc, comedy

In addition, another 39 titles with English subtitles have been made available earlier for free screening here: